Until Dawn and the horror genre

If you ask anyone what their favorite video game of the moment is, you are likely to find a wide range of answers – anything from MGSV to Gauntlet to Hunie Pop. For me, the answer is easy: Until Dawn.

Until recently, I was weary on the possibility of enjoying a horror game. More often than not, they have always left me bored and in need of something refreshing. In comes Until Dawn: with its self awareness and flawless incorporation of cliches, the game practically begs the player to notice that it is, in fact, a horror game.

The introduction of player choice is not a new feature in games, but something about it makes Until Dawn incredibly special. Now you have the opportunity to tell the dumb ass in the horror movie to not hide but run! This evolution in the horror genre not only made the 7 hours of game play worth it, but left me wishing that every horror game was so bold.

With popular culture praising movies like Cabin in the Woods, it was only a matter of time before a game followed suit. Until Dawn is the newest installment in the ever changing genre of horror and video games. While it does have its problems (like not being able to take things with you that the character put down in the cut scene) (or a lot of choices, the illusion of choice is an interesting one), its strengths are far more apparent.

So, if you have been fearful of playing yet another horror game, Until Dawn is where you need to start. Nothing has felt so refreshing.


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