Gauntlet and the “modern gamer”

With the few hours of my life I have spent with Gauntlet, the more one thing becomes true: in order to find success in the changing video game market, it must be easy and simple to use.

Modern gamers, those being newcomers who did not grow up with a controller glued to their hands, get bored easily. If the mechanics are not fully explained from the beginning, if there are more than four buttons to press to achieve success, if there are hidden abilities, a game will not succeed.

As for myself, I have been around gaming most of my life. Unfortunately, it was never with the controller in my hand, so my modern experience with gaming has been learning to turn and walk at the same time; it’s sad to watch, but I am enjoying the new journey. Despite all of that, I am finding great success in Gauntlet.

I do not know if it because I am doing a play through with an experienced gamer, or if the game is truly that entertaining. Regardless, the game has much to offer for the “modern gamer.” With three buttons, success is in your hands. It takes a little logic and basic understanding of button mashing, but I believe more modern gamers should be playing.

I do not know the lore, nor do I truly and fully understand the expectations of the game. However, as a new gamer, I find myself performing well and enjoying the small wins the game provides. It has its frustrations, like not informing you how to sprint or how exactly revives work, but the game provides easy entertainment for an easily bored mind.

Regardless of how much experience you have with video games, I urge you to pick up Gauntlet and enjoy the smooth, enjoyable adventure play that “modern” and traditional gamers alike can find success.


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