Twitter Roundup #2: Weeks 3 and 4

Google announces new tech

In Google’s most recent press conference they revealed their newest line of technology, including Nexus 5x and 6p which will both be able to run on Google Project Fi and shoot in 4k.

Along with new tablets and new phones that will revolutionize modern hand held devices, Chromecast will be receiving a redesign. The additions will include a new streaming device specifically for speakers so you can wirelessly stream music to your current speaker system. The other Chromecast device will still stream to your television with some new updates.

The app to control Chromecast will also be receiving a new design while being supported on both Android and iOS devices. The app will suggest other apps that can pair with it to make streaming more simple.

Facebook changes the profile picture format

Facebook now allows app users to create profile videos to replace the static picture when people visit your page, but it will still provide the static image when your posts appear on your friends timeline.

The switch is relatively easy from the app. You simply click your current profile picture, click add new video, and record a short clip of whatever you want. From there you can select the static image that will represent you on other people’s timelines.

The switch is not required and is still being rolled out to users.

Sony and YouTube make a sweet deal for streamers

PS4 users can now stream directly from their systems to YouTube gaming with no middle man.

The company revealed in a Twitter post that they will have exclusive streaming to YouTube gaming for their PS4 users. This will make it easier for gamers to reach their audiences by cutting out the middle man as well as save any streamed footage. This is done in likeliness to promote YouTube’s new service to compete with Twitch.

Twitter looking into changing the 140 character limit

Twitter may be changing from the 140 character limit to a read more addition that will allow users to write more without taking up more space.

Currently, this is only speculation and word of mouth from those close to the execs who have been rumored to be discussing the topic for some time now. The switch may be coming out of attempts to keep users engaged. Though Twitter is booming, CEO Jack Dorsey was speculative of the company’s future.

Dorsey may be looking to stay mainstream and have people post stories directly to Twitter as opposed to linking to outside sources.


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