What’s going on in the world: favorite tweets of the moment

Air BnB and their confusing ads

With “passive aggressive” and “ignorant” ads, Air BnB has apologized for its most recent ad campaign in San Francisco.

The company put ads up all over the city suggesting how the city should spend the almost $12 million in hotel taxes the company brought in over the past year. The company had to apologize for its use of the “wrong tone.”

[Photo courtesy of venturebeat.com]

The company was looking to show how much money it was bringing in to the city because a ballot is about to up for vote to restrict rental-hotel services such as Air BnB. This is not the first time the company has come under fire for its ads.

Sweden opens new emergency department for male rape victims

Sweden made news this past week when it opened a clinic for male victims of sexual assault, modeled after its system for caring for women.

The reasoning behind this bold move was simple: men are also victims of sexual assault and are often much more ashamed of stepping forward. Investments by the government on affairs such as this seek out equal view of the sexes. There was a recent study looking at the number of victims in Sweden, and while the numbers are low, at around 370, there is no telling how many did not come forward.

There is no equivalent anywhere in the western world.

Twitch introduces sleek new streaming feature

Users of Apple products can now watch live streams and not lose it when navigating the rest of Twitch.

With the new iOS 9, Twitch introduced a sleek design for mobile streaming that will allow users to pull up video and keep it on screen all while navigating chat and other features of the app. This will make watching streams much more accessible to mobile users, especially those with iPads.

The magnitude of eSports

This past weekend saw the start of League of Legends Worlds in Europe.

The video, posted by the company Twitter, shows the magnitude of the eSports community. It is a sold out arena of viewers, with a simple stage set up of 10 computers with a huge screen in the back. League of Legends is growing its popularity as more people take eSports seriously as sports, the sold out arena is simply a support for this notion.


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