The final tweet round-up: what has been interesting?

Twitter moves to hearts

Twitter recently made the decision to move from their stars, or favorites, to hearts, better known as likes. This change lead to a 6% increase in usage because people’s views of likes are far different from favorites.

Mizzou is breaking our hearts

This heartbreaking story tells the tale of what it is like seeing the Mizzou protests from the outside. The author is from Columbus, but she is not able to be there in person. She considers the reality of the situation and an overall narrative on the entire situation.

Paris attacks and Facebook

Facebook made a safety check-in for those in Paris to tell their friends and family that they are okay.

These checks show the power of social media and the possibility for future safety checks during major disasters. Many were a part of a backlash that criticized the website for not including the various other attacks around the world.

Arkham Knight and Steam

Any comments regarding Arkham Knight for PC were marked as pre-release even if they followed the game’s release.

This was originally due to the fact the game contained a multitude of bugs, making the game almost impossible to play. However, the changes are ongoing, and most sources have very little idea as to why it is happening.


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