Cruising over the canyon


Me (on the left) and Hannah (on the right) aka the coolest co-worker around

You think after living in a city for 16 years, you know everything it has to offer. You think you have seen every view from every angle, and it begins to become boring.

Growing up in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor hotel has always been my backyard, and I saw Seven Falls at least once a year. But up until today, I thought I had seen it all; then I went on the Broadmoor’s Soaring Adventure, a five line zip line course.


The view from line five

It started off relatively easy, with a simple safety course taught by our amazing guides, Casey and Jeremy, followed by two casual lines with no steep drops and no high speeds. I was having the time of my life zipping around in the trees and enjoying a beautiful Colorado day. Then things got very interesting. We hiked out a few minutes to line 3, and then it hit me: I was about to zip across a beautiful canyon from an angle that I had never seen before. And it was amazing.

Lines three and four were stunning, breathtaking, and every other adjective you can think of. Line five was the last one, and they absolutely saved the best for last. 1/4 mile at 45 miles an hour over a canyon I had grown up in. I wish I could explain how happy and free I felt going down the line, but honestly, there is no way to describe it. Magical would be a start.


At the bottom of Seven Falls

We wrapped up our adventure with a light hike down to de-gear and then in to Seven Falls, where everything felt so surreal.

I suppose the biggest thing I learned was that there are always new angles to see the town in which you were raised, and the Broadmoor’s Soaring Adventure was a true gift of adventure and new views. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


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