Happiness was always close to home


My summer interning at The Broadmoor

I am sitting here, 9:20AM, contemplating where I am supposed to start with this blog… How do I wrap an entire summer of non-stop insanity and fun into a few pages? Is that even possible? If it is, I am at least about to try.


Seven Falls

I have lived a short ten minutes from The Broadmoor since 2000, attending school just down the street, thinking I would never want to work there. I was a moody teenager I suppose. When I got to college, my major changed with the season, but then I fell in love with Strategic Communications. Of course the major would require an internship to graduate! So I looked and looked and then I saw The Broadmoor had an internship available in Public Relations. I was excited by the idea that I could live rent free at home while getting my credits out of the way at the boring hotel that sat up the road from me.

But this summer and this place are anything but boring.


Week Two: Zipline and write a story about it

My daily routine never was a routine but a dance, moving from one project to another based on emails and temperatures outside. I saw everything from news releases, to event planning, to food photography, and social media. I fell in love. The Broadmoor was always close to home but who knew that the joy and happiness this crazy internship brought was even more home to me.

I had the amazing opportunity to explore, to take pictures, and to really understand what made this hotel so special, and why exactly it was that made it deserve the Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond rating.


Salad fresh from Broadmoor Farms

I soared above Seven Falls on the zipline, I ate food I only dreamed of, I fly fished for the first time, and horseback rode along a river. Most of all, I realized that my home was… IS in Public Relations, and that this crazy passion I had could really be a career.

All of the experience and responsibilities aside, I met and worked with some of the most amazing people on earth. Allison Scott, Director of Communications and my supervisor, showed me what made this job so great, with a little sarcasm and laughter along the way. Krista Heinicke, another wonderful supervisor with whom I worked, showed me that social media is serious business, so is food and photography, but you should always make time to dance (especially to Work by Rihanna). Best of all, Hannah Devitt, the other intern. I am lucky enough to say that she and I really did become friends. With an adventure of press check day in Denver and finding our way to BBQU, this woman was truly something special. She took on every single day with a smile. She showed me it is normal to love your job.


Krista, Hannah, and Allison

So where exactly am I supposed to start with this blog when everyday was the best day ever? Thank You. To The Broadmoor for letting me intern. To the wonderful people I met along the way. To my college for making me find my home. This Public Relations internship at The Broadmoor will stick with me forever and is now a part of who I am.

caprese 4


Oh and if anyone needs pictures of food from The Broadmoor, I have approximately 3,000 on file.


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