First day of Senior year!

I wish I could start this blog with a bunch of positivity. I wish I could tell you that Lund feels like home. I wish I could tell you I never want to leave. Unfortunately, I spent most of the week wanting to go home. It finally happened: homesick. There is no question that I have missed home, but I have mostly been enjoying the freedoms of a new country where nobody knows me. This week, though, I did not want to go outside and wanted to go home more than anything.

Monday, I spent most of the day in bed. I used the excuse that I was sick, but I honestly just wanted to stay in bed until it was Wednesday. Luckily, Tuesday came around. While I did continue to spend most of the day inside, I convinced myself to go out to the grocery store and try my hand at cooking some new veggies. I was overall very pleased with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes, and it began to crack a smile on my face. Jenna and I also rode around our bikes for a few minutes to find a quick path to class.


Sri Lankan tea in Sweden

On Wednesday, I had the unfortunate pleasure of doing laundry for the first time since I arrived two and a half weeks earlier. My problem was not cleaning my clothes but being signed up for a six 0’clock in the morning spot, and to make it even better, the directions were in Swedish. Needless to say, I uttered a curse word or two. Wednesday was also my very first day of class here at Lunds Universitet.

Intercultural Communications is a topic that peaks every interest of mine. Being a Strategic Communications major and International Studies minor allows me to take classes like this. I have to say, though, the class was dry and miserable. I felt isolated. I felt like the odd one out in my class because no one chose to sit next to me. For an ambiovert, I do enjoy having at least someone to talk to.

I went home feeling defeated, but luckily it was pub night at Kristianstads Nation. Jenna and Team Canada joined in the fun. Jenna celebrated the start to her weekend, and I was happy to just be around people I knew for the first time in three days.


Who knew train stations could be so pretty?


When I awoke on Thursday I was craving momentum. After the week started off with intense depression, I wanted to keep up with my positive feelings from Wednesday night and carry them to the next day. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to feel like I belong here. I still do.

Thursday was my first Swedish Film class, and it was honestly just what I needed to catch my momentum. Thomas, a kid from North Carolina I had met the week before, ended up being in the class, so I felt that this was the best start to a class. We caught up and played some Pokemon while class began. The lecture covered some Swedish film history and ended with one of the funniest movies I had seen in a while. If I could possibly remember the name of it, I would tell you, dear reader. Alas, I cannot. We both must move on.


A very IKEA lunch (which I ordered completely in Swedish!)

Friday kept the good times rolling. Intercultural Communication was much better, more surrounded in discussion and sharing, and more like what I know. Jenna and I went to Malmö to take care of the rest of our immigration work and decided to also hit up IKEA while we were in town. The absolute best part was finally figuring out how the transportation works in this country. Jenna and I were very excited about this. I wish you could have heard us talk about how successful we felt.


We figured out the buses!

To make the week even better, we went to a bar for the first time in Lund. Of all people, I consider myself one of the last to go out and drink (I am of legal drinking age here… So I am taking advantage of that), but I decided to keep with my momentum and try it out. We went to a bar that specialized in unique shots, Shotslukcan. It was spectacular. They set drinks on fire and put some into syringes. I could not stop smiling. Jenna and I were joined by Thomas and his friend who brought Swedish students with him. It was truly something special to me.


*heart eyes*

Saturday was a day in, but not one where I wallowed in my own self pity. It was spent reading Ready Player One and cooking way too many mashed potatoes. It was starting to feel okay.


Jenna and I barely fit on this children’s ride

This now brings me to today. Sunday. Jenna and I excitedly pre-purchased entry and unlimited ride tickets for Tivoli, an old amusement park in Copenhagen. She and I both agreed we needed to get out of our rooms and just have fun. Tivoli was the answer. Neither she nor I knew what to expect when we walked through the entrance, but somehow I was comfortable not knowing what was going to happen next. We spent the day riding roller coasters 100 years old and eating spectacular Italian food. It rained a tad, but that would not put a damper on our fun. We easily went on fifteen different rides, enjoying multiple goes on a few of them. We finished our day by shoving cotton candy the size of a small child in our faces and buying


Cotton Candy

I woul
d rather like to forget the two and a half hour trip back to Lund, WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE ONLY TAKE AN HOUR, so I will move on from that.

I leave you with my final thoughts on the week: study abroad is not always a magical experience, but you have to give yourself a chance. I could have stayed miserable in my room alone, but I wanted to feel better. I wanted to get out and see the world that I was letting hide behind my curtains. I called this post “Momentum” because that is what it takes. I needed the night out on Wednesday, that push kept me going and everything seemed to improve with every day.

Now, let’s see how this next week goes, because I have some serious momentum right now.



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