Helan Går


Fireworks over the apartment building

I would give you a day by day account of what happened, but unless you want a recount of all the things I cooked and what movies and television shows I watched on Netflix, I propose we move on to the interesting parts of my week.

The Swedes really do know how to party. Now, the person I am, I do not like parties. I do not like the whole idea of being around a large mass of people who I do not even know that are all likely very drunk. It gives me anxiety, and I go out of my way to avoid it in The United States. However, I have decided to step outside my comfort zone in the only way possible in this respect, by hosting my own party. By party I mean ten people hanging out, listening to music, and talking about life. On Thursday, I invited a few people over to make friends.


Pictures of Reina keep me going

Honestly, that has to be the only reason I did this: for friendship. After last week, I came to the distinct realization that if I do not attempt to make friends, I am going to be positively miserable here, and I cannot let that happen. Study abroad is about learning from a new point of view, not only academically but socially, and somehow I was avoiding the social side. Not anymore, dear reader! I, Julia, have started the quest for friendship!

After Thursday, I can pleasantly say that I have made friends. Now that was through connections that I met these people, but there really is no other way to make friends around here. Back home, all of my friends are in the sciences and maths, so it should come as no surprise when I say that a majority of the people with whom I have  connected are physics kids. I love it. I honestly, for the first time since I arrived, felt like I made a connection with a group of people. So, if they ever happen to read this, thank you.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were non-stop spending time with this group of people. There were fireworks on Friday night for some reason, but do not fret, the Americans chanted “USA!” because we are patriotic and annoying about it no matter where we go.

So what did I learn this week? Other thank my academics… I “learned” a Swedish drinking song (hence the title), I learned that being happy requires a few people by your side, and I learned that if you start chanting “USA!” people will join in whether or not they are from America.


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