Here we are again. The start of another blog, meaning another week in Sweden has come to a close. Five weeks down, seventeen or so to go.


Copenhagen, Denmark

If you have been keeping up with my posts every week, you know that I became deeply homesick a few weeks back and last week I actually felt like Sweden was becoming a home. Well, dear reader, I have wonderful news to report: this city, these people, this is home. I am falling in love with a city and an experience, and I refuse to look back. With that being said, let us start the recount of the week.

Monday, or the day in which Julia acts like a five year old.


Playing at sunset

Since I do not have classes on Mondays, I spent most of my day in bed, enjoying some Swedish Netflix. I went to ICA, the market near my apartment, to grab various supplies like pens and trash bags. I know, real adult purchases. Later in the evening, Karl invited me to dinner in Thomas’ apartment, which is one floor above me. We ate some really kick butt burgers for dinner, courtesy of my fellow American, so you know it was good! After the meal, we headed north to the basketball courts at another apartment complex. A few of us agreed that we are not coordinated enough to play, so we watched as other friends with whom we met up played ferociously. That was when I made eye contact with a swing set… and… I spent far too long swinging as high as I could, laughing as Dalia and I freaked ourselves out. We then made our way over to a zip line like device and spent the next hour or so going as fast as we could. I could not stop laughing, and that is when it clicked: I was genuinely happy and enjoying this life I was living in Sweden. So thanks Karl, Dalia, and Ellen for making that evening something special.

Tuesday, or the day in which heat exhaustion makes Julia grumpy.

Jenna and I both enjoy no class on Tuesdays, so we made our way to Copenhagen to walk


New Orleans Burger and a Jon Snow cocktail

around and shop a little bit. I did not expect it to be so warm. Every step became an accomplishment. We did get some beautiful pictures on the water front and the sun shining strong. We also found a funny little restaurant called Cock’s and Cows. They served stellar burgers and unique cocktails. I had a New Orleans style chicken sandwich with a cocktail called Jon Snow (what can I say, my love for Game of Thrones is too strong to not try it).

Wednesday, or the day Julia becomes the family chef.

The day started with some Intercultural Communication where the professor spent about one hour giving a lecture on the infamous dress. White and gold? Blue and black? Who cares?! (Sure as heck not me) The lecture was funny none-the-less. Later in the evening, I made my first meal for my friends: chili. It


Jenna enjoying the evening

turned out pretty good and was super filling! I think Meki, Dalia, Thomas, Jenna, and Karl liked it. At least none of them were killed by my cooking, so that has to be a positive. We then hopped on our bikes and headed north to a field to look at the stars. Of course, the evening was a tad cloudy, so we mostly just talked and grew closer as friends. It was magical.

Thursday, or the day Julia cries over a spiralizer.

I was insanely sick, and I barely left bed, except to go get my mail. I was expecting a letter from my mom because I miss her and get excited to hear from her by mail. What I encountered was not only a letter but a parcel slip to pick up a package from the market near my house. After asking


Gift box!

my friends in group chat how that worked, I headed off a picked up a very large rectangular box. It said it was from my mom, so I was already feeling emotional. I opened it to find a shirt from my apartment complex back home (I am even wearing it as I write this), beef jerky, cans of Rotel (bless up), Twizzlers, cookies, a poster for my wall, and a spiralizer. I started crying. I bragged to most of my friends about the odd array of items that was now at home in my apartment. I show my sprializer to everyone who walks in the door. I started feeling a bit better, so I went to family dinner at Ellen’s apartment. We had curry and rice, which was perfect for my sickness. I ended up losing my voice at the dinner, but I enjoyed it overall. We talked about accents and dialects, which made me feel ridiculous. I love this group of people.

Friday, or the day in which Julia adds too much salt.


Chicken Alfredo with too much saltiness

Another day of class well spent. I enjoyed this one because we spent the day talking about differences in body language and how some cultures do and do not share gestures. It was really funny because I pulled out the hang loose sign and almost no one knew what I was talking about. #AMERICA. Later in the evening I made Chicken Alfredo from scratch for the very first time. With chicken stock, parmesean, and salt as ingredients, the salt content was way too high. I thought I made enough food but way more people than I expected showed up for dinner. Not everyone got some… I am such a terrible family cook! Luckily, I know how to make it now, and I will likely make it many more times here.

Saturday, or the day Julia goes to a physics event.

I had a delicious breakfast at Espresso House, a coffee cafe chain that is probably on every block here in Lund. Nothing like hot cocoa and a hot turkey sandwich to start the day with


The best hot cocoa in the world

Meki and Loke. We had some stellar conversation about life and such. Later in the day, I went to visit my friends at an event they were all working for the physics department. I went to support them because they were grilling hot dogs from 8:30am to 5:30pm. What troopers. I walked around a bit, but the event seemed mostly fun for children. So, I ate four hot dogs, talked with Karl, Max, Thomas, and Ellen and headed home. They all came over for dinner that night, and I made some stir fry. Somehow, some way, it turned out delicious. I found Sriracha in the market, which now changes the game on foods I can eat here in Sweden. Spicy food is here! I honestly think a giant source of my joy here is cooking for my friends, so I am more than likely going to cook a lot more and soon.

Sunday, or the day in which Julia sleeps.

Over the week, my sleep schedule has been pretty out of wack because I am having coughing fits all the time, so sleeping through the night is out of the question. So, today is for snuggling in some blankets, eating curry, and watching movies. I think I’ll watch Super 8 after this.

So, dear reader, I hope my week was interested enough for you. I am honestly just excitedly awaiting my trip to Oslo, Norway and Inverness, Scotland with Jenna in October. If you asked me about two weeks ago if I wanted to go home, I would have given you as much money as it took to get on a return flight to Denver, but now? I want these weeks to slow down, I do not want to go back to Denver, and I am actually applying for jobs in this area.




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