School is for nerds


I also spent two days in a onesie

I suppose this week has been a non-stop grind. With final papers, finals, and presentations all due this coming week, it seems I have needed to lock myself in my room until my work is done. It actually feels like being back at DU, and I honestly cannot express how stupidly happy it makes me to be back in the grind. School is for the nerds, so I am the biggest one possible.

This week, I will not being a day by day recount of the week, mostly due to the fact that every day was spent in my room doing some form of homework and breaking for some Brooklyn 99. What I will say about the week, is that somehow, I have become the person where people can just show up in my room and it turns in to a larger gathering.

A better example of this was on Wednesday, when Thomas and I planned out time to outline and write our tandem final paper for our Swedish Film class. He brought Karl along, those two are inseparable (and Karl has a serious girlfriend), and we began our paper. Karl sat on the bed and watched TV while Thomas and I pumped out our epic paper. After we finished, they began their math homework (IN MY ROOM), and I was lulled to sleep by the repetition of hashing out the math. I woke up to their two shiny faces asking me about my nap, it freaked me out. We then had more people show up at my place and after wandering around trying to get in to pubs, we were unsuccessful. We always seem to end up back in my place, sitting around, and talking about life. People show up with little to no prior notice, and I am loving it!


Sushi is love, sushi is life

Sushi has also become a strange staple in my homework life. When I am working hard, I hop over to the market and grab ten pieces of sushi, and continue my study grind. I suppose I have found my study/brain food. I have yet to get food poisoning from it, so I am assuming I will be good to make it a new member of my diet here in Sweden.

I wish you could be here, dear reader. I wish you could see how magical and peaceful this place is. I wish you could stand by my side as I become a better Julia. I wish you could live the life I am living, then just maybe you could understand why I never want to leave.


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