Times Infinity


The red leaves of fall have arrived

I feel like this week never really started until Friday. Throughout the week, I spent all the time I had either studying for a final exam or watching Luke Cage on Netflix. You would think, dear reader, with the time I have left seeing the sun so often, I would learn to appreciate it. You would be wrong. The comfort of my bed and Netflix have helped me survive my preparations for finals, and I regret absolutely nothing about how I spent my time.


Kannelbullens Dag means Sweden exclusive ice cream

Then Friday rolls around, and this is where our story begins. After an early wake up call, I packed my bag for my trip, grabbed my school bag, and headed to a brand new building to take an exam. When tests start at eight o’clock sharp, you tend to be grateful of the cold air washing across your face as you cruise down hill on your bike. I honestly may not have been awake enough to take the final had the weather not been the way it was. Anyway, I crushed my exam and headed home. I took a nice, hot shower to calm myself before the excitement of travel.

Jenna and I are very timely people, and we are overly used to the long lines of American airports when it comes to security. So it should come as no surprise that we arrived at the Copenhagen Airport three hours before out flight. We learned our lesson very quickly. It took maybe a total of five minutes to get through the security line, and that was considered busy. We sat in the airport for far too long, but we enjoyed the fact that it was basically a mall. We looked around H&M, grabbed some pizza and drinks, and finally sat and waited at our gate for far too long.

The flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway took fifty minutes, and in that


The bar

time Jenna and I were trying to figure out how to get from the airport to our hostel. Luckily, the most wonderful lady on the planet was seated right next to us, and gave us step by step details on the cheapest and quickest way to get there. I could not be more grateful to that woman. Finally we arrived at our hostel in Oslo. It was a perfect room for the two of us. With that success under our belts, we went to a fancy and much needed dinner. We enjoyed our drinks and some tasty food as we watched the city bustle around us in to the night. To cap off the easiest travel day of my life, we hit up a funky bar in a strange alley filled with hipster lounges. The drinks were far too expensive, but we took our time and enjoyed the night life. Sleep came very easily to us.


A taste of home

We had a late start to our Saturday, as we both enjoyed sleeping in a little bit. Once we were awake, we headed to the Visitor Center to get an idea of what we can see and do with the time we had here. We purchased our Oslo Passes so we could get in to all the museums and use all public transportation with no issue. After that, we began walking down a busy road to find something to do and something to eat. That’s how we ended up at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo. The novelty never wears off for me. After our tasty and far too expensive meal with drinks, we began walking again. We stopped to see the outside of The National Theatre and even saw the Royal Palace! The guards were intense and carried automatic weapons, so it was a strange sight to see in Scandinavia.

We then headed back to our hostel to rest and prepare before the long night in front of us. Around six o’clock, we grabbed a ride on the bus to the theater where the concert was to take place. We grabbed some pizza from a strange little restaurant that no one but us was in. We then hopped over to a bar to grab a pint before braving the cold to stand in line. We were easily tenth in line. When the doors opened, I rushed to get my VIP tickets and Jenna grabbed the best standing spot in the house, the very front and center.

If I could explain what Watsky means to me, this blog would be far too long, dear reader. What I will say is that his music is incredibly important to me and has been for quite some time. Standing in the front row and having an unobstructed view of my idol was exactly what I expect nirvana to be like. I have never been happier, danced any harder, screamed any louder, or sweated so much in my life. It was a party with sprinkles of intense poetry. Rap concerts are my new favorite experience.


Me and George Watsky

Following the concert, we used our VIP tickets to go to a post-show toast and meet and greet. We all shared a glass of champagne with Watsky and then talked among ourselves as he went around the room talking to everyone. It finally came my turn. After practicing what I was going to say a million times in my head, I suddenly felt extremely calm. I told him about seeing his show in Fort Collins, Colorado two years earlier, that I was studying abroad and was so pleased to have his show come through, and got many a signature and picture. I did not cry nor did I screw up the hug this time. It was perfection. Having Jenna there with me was just icing on the hundred tier cake.

We arrived back at the hostel late at night with smudged make up and tired feet. We had to be up around ten o’clock Sunday because we were required to be out of our room by eleven. Good thing we did not fly until eight. With our backpacks full, we began our travel around the city. We saw The Viking Ship Museum, Kon Tiki, the Akerhus Fortress, and even the Opera House. Every moment felt unreal. The weather was chilly with a biting wind, but the excitement of seeing so many beautiful and old things made it worth it. We went to the airport and enjoyed some dinner and drinks before finally heading back to Copenhagen. In case anyone was wondering, I hate the public transport here. It took us far too long to get back by train, with a random change of train halfway to our destination. To top it off, we biked back to our homes in the pouring rain.

While the week may have ended poorly, the experience and excitement of seeing a new country remind me that it was worth every cent and every second. I feel refreshed and renewed, so let’s conquer this week, eh?14642272_1134320489992665_3535190818826339641_n


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