Master of Naps


Reina went hiking while I spent time in bed this week

Well, dear reader, it has been yet another week in Sweden. I wish every week could be this magical adventure which I could share with you. I want to make it worth your time to open the link leading you to this story. Sometimes we all need some down time.

As much as I love to travel, see new things, and fall in deep with a culture, I also really do love naps. Which, maybe to some lameness, is how I spent my week. A week to recover from travel and finals. With Scotland coming in three days, I do not regret a second of my time taken to rest and rejuvenate.

Since I have no experiences to share with you this week, why not share some lessons I have learned while spending time with my thoughts? Even more conveniently for the both of us, I offer you a list:

  • The sun starts setting at 6pm now. Maybe bring a jacket to class…
  • Recycling is super important and can even make you some money.
  • It is totally valid to miss your mom, especially when it’s her birthday.
  • Pictures of puppies are one of the greatest cures to the blues.
  • Skype is a magical connection.
  • Cooking at home is often more satisfying than going out to eat.
  • Treat yo’ self.
  • Hug your friends. Sometimes human connection will change a day.
  • Writing down your life is incredibly therapeutic and fun. Especially when you get to share it with such lovely people.
  • Do what makes you happy.

With that, reader, I bid you adieu. I wish I could have offered you a more thrilling week, but naps are super important, especially when nearly a week of Scotland is in sight. Until next time, do good things!


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