Papers, please.


Reina had a fun week too

This week has been… interesting to say the least, dear reader. You would think the week following a vacation would be great. You continue to ride the high that vacation gifted you, but sometimes, you have a week like mine. It was… neither good nor bad but interesting. Let’s do this.


Monday, aka the day Julia is reminded that she hates airports

This was truly the final day and Inverness, and I wish I could have cried. As we took our taxi to the smallest airport I have ever seen, I saw the Scottish landscape for the last time in what may be a lifetime. It was like the movies.

The Inverness Airport had three gates and a security check point that took less than a minute to get through. The flight was fine, until we landed back in Luton. While we did not have to go through border control again, we did have to exit the airport and re-enter through security. This time it took at least twenty minutes to get through, to the fault of many a person who seemed to have never been in a security line before.

Upon finally making our way into the terminal, Jenna and I grabbed a seat at a restaurant and waited for an easy fifteen minutes before seeing our waitress for the first time. There was no excuse for her. I was on edge because I wanted to be home.

The flight home was easy, and the train ride back to Lund surprised me with how timely and smoothly the trip went. Then it came time to get our bikes. My lights had been stolen from my bike, and my bag refused to stay secured to the back. So angry, tired, and cold,we walked our bikes in one hand and our bags in another all the way home. Twenty minutes have never felt so long.

Tuesday, aka the day Julia sleeps

This was the rest and recovery day I not only wanted but needed. I spent the entire day in pajamas, until it came time to grab my groceries for the week. I also caught up as much as I could on RWBY, because research. It was nice. The sun was out and fall seemed to pass by quickly, with the leaves already ripped from the trees by the cold, sharp wind of the North.

Wednesday, aka the day Julia shops

Finally, I was starting a new class. Intercultural Communication had passed and in its place stood Media and War. It feels like home to me. Studying framing and situational reporting are in my background, and war history always seems to involve the United States. Everything felt American again.

Following class, I hopped on my bike and headed in to town. I went into Flying Tiger for the first time, which was so much fun! I bought some USB charged bike lights for very cheap, and saw some scarves and gift items that I would return to again. I also popped in to H&M to get the finishing touches for my Halloween costume.

Thursday, aka the day Julia writes about Ingmar Bergman

Honestly, I spent the entire day in front of the computer writing and editing a paper on Ingmar Bergman’s childhood and how his experiences influenced his work. Then spent another half of the paper arguing whether or not his work was worth his mental health. It was really just an overall downer.

Friday, aka the day Julia skypes for six hours.

The title of this section pretty much describes it all… After shopping for a little bit and picking out some Christmas gifts, I spent the rest of my day on skype talking to people from back home. It was refreshing and what I really needed to feel normal again.

Saturday, aka the day Julia dresses up.

We got invited to a Halloween party. My friends had finished a very difficult physics test and were ready to go out on the town. It was a costume party. While I was the only one with a planned outfit, the rest dressed up using items and face paint from Ellen’s collection, and we surprisingly pulled out a really good array of costumes!


Costume squad

Sunday, aka the day Julia sleeps, part two

After a long night out and a walk far too long for someone in heels, sleep came quickly and easily to me. Today is a nice day for reflection and relaxation.

All that’s left is to enjoy the sun.



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