Sing the rainy day blues


Just call me the next Master Chef

It has been an extremely difficult week for me, dear reader. As much as I wish I could constantly be positive, it seems this entire week has been a downer. I suppose we cannot all have the best week ever every week. I do not know if the cause is knowing I get to see my family again soon or that I get to go home soon; it may even be because it has rained practically every day this week. In the end, though, I did get to have new experiences, so it is time for sharing. Are you ready?


Monday, aka the day Julia fails to see the Pope


Police horses ready for action!

As per usual, I did not have class on Monday. So, I decided to have a shopping day all to myself. Of course, I forgot that the Pope was in town, so getting around anywhere was next to impossible. As I finished my shopping, I decided to stop at an intersection and wait to see the Pope. I did not know the schedule for the day, so after waiting for twenty minutes, I moved on.


My friends, on the other hand, waited like champs and got to take selfies with the King and Queen of Sweden and The Pope. It looked really fun but far too crowded for me. I did get to see pictures though! Even better, I got to pet police dogs and horses, so I think I really won the day. Oh! And I got to be my own Master Chef and cook a totally delicious and gluten free meal: garlic butter green beans and ravioli with marinara sauce.

Tuesday, aka the day Julia has a new class

This new class has some elaborate and terrible name, but I am going to refer to it as Swedish Social Anthropology. That more or less encompasses the possible topics that will come through during my month with this class, I suppose. Luckily for me, my favorite Canadians are in the class with me, so I have some people to sit with and turn to when it is time to discuss. No one tell them, but I have missed seeing them every weekend.

I also registered for Winter Quarter back at the University of Denver, and with the amount of credits I have, I had one of the first registration times of all the undergraduate students! I am lucky to know that I will have my most difficult quarter yet, but it will be with some of the best professors DU has to offer.

Wednesday, aka the day Julia goes to trivia night

Even with class starting at ten o’clock in the morning, I still refuse to get out of bed. It


Quiz night is the best night

took me far too long to wake up and get running with the day. However, I did make it to class. It was… boring but sometimes that is just how it is. With the rest of my day, I cooked, watched TV, read for class, wrote a paper, and Skyped friends.

That evening, my Sweden friends convinced me to go out to pub night at one of the nations. The convincing part was it was a trivia night, and my overall sense of competitiveness could not say no. It went… okay? I suppose that word could describe it. We may not have won, but we worked super hard to not come in last place!

Thursday, aka the day Julia cleans


I called the girls, and this is the picture I was sent

When you wake up and show up to class on time, you usually expect the teacher to do the same. You would be wrong if you thought my class Thursday would be like that. After waiting for thirty minutes past the start of class, the teacher had still not shown up. I took that as a sign he was never going to be there, so I made the decision to leave. I still do not know if he ever showed up, but I do not care.

With the rest of my day, I cleaned my room, did all my dishes, took out the trashed, cleaned the bathroom, and gave my room some air. It felt so much better to be in a home that was clean. My mom texted me that she was at my apartment in Denver and my roommates sent me pictures of Freyja, the dog, breaking in my bed. I got the chance to Skype my girls after, which is what I really needed after a so far long and kind of terrible week. I miss my girls and I miss my mom and dad. I cannot wait to be home.

Friday, aka Julia does Halloween Part Two

After a really fun and intellectually stimulating seminar in my Media and War class, I made


Fancy dinners

some delicious chili with green chiles my mom sent all the way from home, and it was spectacularly delicious. As per usual, I watched some television to chill out for the day.

That night was my very first sittning, which is a three course fancy dinner with lots of singing in Swedish. I did not know most of the songs, there was not enough food, and many a glass were broken from slamming fists on the table during songs, but we dressed up and goofed around for the evening. It was nice spending time with my friends in such a warm and silly environment.

Saturday and Sunday, aka the days Julia refuses to get out of bed

Every weekend deserves some time in bed. While the week did not have many adventures and I spent most of it fighting the rainy day blues, the weekend was the rest I have been craving for weeks now. My dear reader, this is where I leave you: fight the blues, live your life, and make an adventure out of every day.

Thirty-four days until I am home.


Fake blood for life


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