Sleep, sleep, sleep


Don’t bike in the snow

I feel as though it needs to be said: the next blog post will come two days early because my parents will be in Sweden next weekend! It is motivating me to keep going this week.

Overall this week consisted of time in bed, stress over the US election, and skyping friends. Shall we begin, reader?

Monday, aka the day Julia meets her group

This was finally a successful day in class! We met out groups for our final project in Social Anthropology and attempted to figure out what we would address in the coming weeks. If anyone is concerned, we will be studying lagom in the school system.

Tuesday, aka the day Julia does not sleep

Honestly, I do not want to discuss this day. While I had the day off from class, my mind was back home, wondering what was coming next for my country.



Wednesday, the day Julia sees snow

On the plus side to this week, it snowed for the first time in Lund since I arrived! It was cold and kind of lame compared to Colorado snow, but it was still exciting to have snow surrounding me. Overall, I had zero motivation for the day, so I enjoyed the view out the window and many a cup of hot cocoa, as the sun rose and set.

Thursday, aka the day Julia goes to film

I finally managed to pull myself out of bed this time. I excitedly went to my Swedish film class in anticipation of a new professor! It was overall a very informative class, and we engaged in an in depth conversation on sexuality in film and reality. It feels good to enjoy a class out here in Sweden, especially when my mind and heart are back home in Colorado.

Friday, aka the day Julia and Jenna reunite

This was my first 8am class in a while, and let me tell you something: it is not fun. Both of


Sirloin Steak… I cried.

my classes this day were mandatory, which should not really be an issue, but when your bed is the warmest thing in the world, the desire to leave it is quite low.

Finally, Jenna and I reunited for the first time since our return from Scotland. A long time right? We enjoyed the comfort of a warm English pub in the heart of Lund, Sweden. It was my first time having red meat in a very long time. I almost cried.

To top off the night, I skyped my friends back in Denver and played some games over Steam. It was an absolute blast and totally what I needed to keep the motivation going in to next week.

Saturday and Sunday, aka the day Julia sleeps and cooks

And as per the usual, I spent the weekend enjoying the comforts of my flat and cooking as much as I can.

I apologize, reader, for the overall slow week I had. I know that reading about someone staying in bed all day is not your idea of a great time, but you did sign up for a week to week recap of a person’s life in a different country… Anyway, next week is going to be short because mom and dad are almost here!


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