Studying lagom


It has been a very rainy week

Hello again, dear reader! As I said in last week’s post, this blog is coming out two days early because I want to spend time with my family, who will be arriving in Sweden tomorrow! It has been an overall productive week, but I am most looking forward to sharing next week with you the most.

For now, here is my weekly recap:

Monday, aka the day Julia shops

On Monday, I made a very big effort to get out and go into town. The need to grab supplies before the arrival of my family was what really pushed me to go, but I am still proud of myself for leaving my flat.

I bought my supplies and grabbed the last few Christmas gifts in town while enjoying the little bit of sunshine we were getting in our quiet little town. I found Tomtes to decorate for the holiday season, which is basically a cute little troll tied to Swedish folk tales. I wanted to buy all of them, but I chose not to do so in the end. My wallet was thankful.


Fancy chocolates

Tuesday, aka the day Julia hosts game night

My class that day was far too boring to be real. The rain left me soaked despite wearing a coat and biking as fast as I could.

Tuesday was the first day I crossed the train tracks! I had never been to the west side of Lund, so it was a real treat. I picked up a package and happily biked home to gorge on some yummy chocolates! After that, I did my regular food shopping, cooked far too much rice, and enjoyed a nice dinner.

Later, my friends came over for a few hours to play games I had recently purchased. Trivia games and the like seemed to give everyone a good laugh, which I truly believe is the best cure to anything.

Wednesday, aka the day Julia’s stomach hurts


What almost every meal has looked like

I spent most of my day in bed watching television and films on Netflix because my stomach was feeling quite terrible. I am still not sure what the cause was, but it may have to do with eating only chicken and rice for every meal. Oh well!

Thursday, aka the day Julia sits in class for far too long

Much to my chagrin, I had an early wake up in order to get to class after going to bed far too late. I spent around four hours in a single class listening to the teacher lecture on immigration policy then listen to my fellow classmates give speeches on projects that are due in a little over a week. I also took the time to write a film review for another one of my classes. I ended the day with cleaning my apartment up, though I already keep it quite tidy.

Friday, aka the day Julia is still experiencing

Well, today is Friday, which means I woke up around six o’clock in the morning to do laundry. While each load washed and dried, I slept the best I could, though I have yet to sleep well this week due to both my stomach pain and excitement over seeing my family again. I also outlined a paper for when I return from family time, packed my suitcase, and scrubbed my bathroom!

The day is only halfway there, so I cannot tell you what awaits me, dear reader, but you will find out next week, when my extra special, super long post comes out! See you then!


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