Denver livin’. Bad at cosplay. Cannot turn and walk at the same time in video games. Photographer. Writer. Internet Professional. PR Kid.

Denver Snow

Hello! If you have made your way over to this page, you must be looking to learn more about who I am. Let me get started with some quick information:

  • To find some of my past work, head on over to my “Stories” page, but if you want to know which is my favorite article, just click here.
  • I also built and currently manage the website for my Dungeons and Dragons club, which can be found here.

I am a Colorado local, living here since 2000. I currently attend the University of Denver, located in the ever-growing Denver, Colorado. I am a Senior studying Strategic Communications with a minor in International Studies. Throughout my time at the university, I have had the opportunity to start and run various aspects of a club, and for me, that is Dungeons and Dragons. I have also participated on the Club Curling Team, and worked as both a tour guide and resident assistant.

With the time I have spent in my major, I have worked with real life clients, creating communications campaigns, research, and messaging. In winter 2016, I worked with my school’s Career Services to help inform the greater public of what there is to offer. In Spring 2016, I worked with on campus dining to develop a plan to reach out to students in an effective and usable manner. I have learned not only what it takes to create good messaging, but how to work as a team, develop skills as a leader, watch social media trends, and create content. All of which has been a blast!

From June until August of 2016, I had the distinct pleasure of working as an intern in the Communications Department at the Forbes five star, AAA five diamond resort, The Broadmoor, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Under the supervision of both Krista Heinicke and Allison Scott, I created and monitored news releases, contacted media professionals, photographed for both the website and social media, and written stories. The entire experience allowed me to broaden my understanding of the way Public Relations operates in the real world and the varying shades of what it is.

I  lived and studied in Lund, Sweden until January of 2017. I was in the communications and media department, taking classes in intercultural communication, media and war, and film. Each of these classes builds upon the understanding created at The University of Denver.

When I am not working or studying, I enjoy writing, photography, pretending I can play video games, and staying up to date on trends in the video game industry.

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