2016 in review


Goodbye 2016

I feel I owe you a year end wrap up, reader. After all we have been through, it seems to make the most sense. Since coming home from Sweden, I have been lost in reflection and relearning what it means to be an American in America. That means remembering how to drive, ordering food, grocery shopping, and thinking about classes. It has all been quite strange but comforting in the same time. I still say skål instead of cheers, but I do not plan on ever changing that. Anyway, it is January 1st, 2017, and this is my end of the year reflection. Continue reading

Thirty thousand


Of course it was sunny

Well, reader, it is almost over. After all of these weeks of blog posts about my time here in Sweden, I am one week away from being home. Next week will not be a standard post, but a look back everything I have done. For now, though, here is this past week (spoiler: I spent four days in Amsterdam). Continue reading

Studying lagom


It has been a very rainy week

Hello again, dear reader! As I said in last week’s post, this blog is coming out two days early because I want to spend time with my family, who will be arriving in Sweden tomorrow! It has been an overall productive week, but I am most looking forward to sharing next week with you the most.

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Sleep, sleep, sleep


Don’t bike in the snow

I feel as though it needs to be said: the next blog post will come two days early because my parents will be in Sweden next weekend! It is motivating me to keep going this week.

Overall this week consisted of time in bed, stress over the US election, and skyping friends. Shall we begin, reader? Continue reading

Sing the rainy day blues


Just call me the next Master Chef

It has been an extremely difficult week for me, dear reader. As much as I wish I could constantly be positive, it seems this entire week has been a downer. I suppose we cannot all have the best week ever every week. I do not know if the cause is knowing I get to see my family again soon or that I get to go home soon; it may even be because it has rained practically every day this week. In the end, though, I did get to have new experiences, so it is time for sharing. Are you ready? Continue reading

Papers, please.


Reina had a fun week too

This week has been… interesting to say the least, dear reader. You would think the week following a vacation would be great. You continue to ride the high that vacation gifted you, but sometimes, you have a week like mine. It was… neither good nor bad but interesting. Let’s do this. Continue reading

Master of Naps


Reina went hiking while I spent time in bed this week

Well, dear reader, it has been yet another week in Sweden. I wish every week could be this magical adventure which I could share with you. I want to make it worth your time to open the link leading you to this story. Sometimes we all need some down time.

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